At Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), our Access to Markets and Business Growth service is avaliable for strategic accounts and is meticulously designed to empower technology-focused businesses to expand their reach and achieve exponential growth. Recognizing the critical importance of market access for startups and established enterprises alike, this service is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a vibrant, innovation-driven ecosystem.

Corporate Tax 

The Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone is considered a qualified free zone that meets the conditions stipulated in the federal legislations related to corporate income tax in the United Arab Emirates, where persons (companies) based in the free zone can be benefiting from a zero percent (0%) rate of the tax on its qualified income as specified by the Cabinet decisions and the ministerial decisions issued in this regard.

Here’s how we support your business journey:

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

We provide businesses with in-depth market intelligence and insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy development. Our resources include market research reports, industry trends analysis, and competitive landscape overviews, tailored to the technology sector and specific niches within it.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

DSO organizes and hosts a wide array of networking events, trade shows, and business matchmaking sessions that connect our community members with potential clients, partners, and investors. These platforms are designed to foster collaborations that can lead to market expansion and strategic alliances.

Regulatory Guidance and Support

Navigating the regulatory landscape of new markets can be challenging. Our dedicated team offers expert guidance on compliance, legal frameworks, and international trade regulations, ensuring that your business expansion is seamless and aligned with local and international standards.

Funding and Investment Facilitation

Access to capital is essential for business growth. DSO connects businesses with potential investors, venture capitalists, and funding programs. Our accelerator and incubator programs also provide startups with the capital, mentorship, and resources needed to scale their operations. Dubai Silicon Oasis is home to Oraseya Capital, a venture capital fund of Dubai Integrated Economic Zone Authority, that is dedicated to investing in promising startups at various stages of their journey, from pre-Seed to Series B. 

Tailored Business Development Programs

Our business development services are designed to support companies at every stage of their growth. From mentorship programs and workshops aimed at refining business models to advanced scaling strategies, we offer tailored support to help you achieve your business objectives.

Innovation-Driven Community

Being part of DSO means joining a community of forward-thinking companies and innovators. This environment stimulates creativity, encourages the exchange of ideas, and creates opportunities for co-innovation and collaborative projects that can open new markets and growth avenues.

Marketing and Brand Visibility

We assist businesses in enhancing their brand visibility through various marketing channels and platforms. This includes opportunities to feature in DSO’s marketing campaigns, participation in industry events, and access to PR and media networks to amplify your market presence.

Commitment to Sustainability

For businesses focusing on sustainability, DSO offers a supportive ecosystem that aligns with global sustainability goals. This commitment not only enhances your company's corporate social responsibility profile but also opens up new markets looking for green and sustainable solutions.

Customized Support for SMEs and Startups

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by SMEs and startups, DSO offers customized support programs that address specific needs for market access, funding, and business development, ensuring that smaller enterprises can also achieve significant growth and market penetration.

At Dubai Silicon Oasis, the growth of your business is a partnership that we embark on with each of our businesses. Our goal is to ensure that every company within our ecosystem has the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive in the global marketplace. Join us, and let's grow together.

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