DSO offers companies “shovel ready” (ready for immediate development) industrial plots of land with various sizes ranging from:

5,000sqm to 255,600sqm to construct their regional headquarters, associated warehousing, R&D backbones, manufacturing sites, or logistics and distribution centres.





Shovel-ready land for flagship projects

Dubai Silicon Oasis is offering land plots for strategic projects, including bespoke regional headquarters, advanced factories of future industries, luxury residences, and unique megaprojects, with sizes ranging from 5,000 to 255,600 square meters.

The area will soon benefit from the Dubai Metro Blue Line project, enhancing connectivity to key city spots, including Dubai Downtown and Dubai Airport, and significantly improving commute times.

Additionally, DSO is planning an expansion of its headquarters as part of a comprehensive AED 3.5 billion masterplan, further enriching its commercial and residential infrastructure.

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers plots of shovel-ready land between 5,000 and 255,600 square metres reserved for strategic projects, including flagship and bespoke regional headquarters, industrial factories of the future industries, luxury residential complexes and unique megaprojects.

Dubai Silicon Oasis will be a part of the upcoming Blue Line project, Dubai Metro's expansion plan, and will situate one of the 14 new stations. This extension aims to reduce Dubai’s traffic by 20% and make the commute easier and more efficient, directly connecting our residents and businesses to Dubai International Airport and Downtown. The project is scheduled to be finished in 2029, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Metro.

The next upcoming project in DSO is an expansion of our flagship headquarters to Phase 3, which will increase the commercial and residential offerings in line with our AED 3.5 billion expansion masterplan.

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